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Eye Tests

Standard Eye Test

Our optometrist carries lifestyle eye examination, catered to suit your specific needs.

The Optometrist will use our gold standard equipment to address all of your visual problems.

Please find some of the procedures you can expect in your test in the boxes below to give your eyes the complete check.

Advanced Sight Test / OCT

If you choose to have an advanced eye examination, for a small additional fee, you will be having a hospital grade scanner produce images of the inside of your eye that are similar to an MRI, as well as all of the procedures carried out in the standard eye test.

The scan allows us to see below the surface of your retina, which is what we can see in a regular eye exam, and gives detailed images right down to cell level which aids in much earlier detection of any eye problems.

The painless scan aids early detection of Macula Degeneration, Glaucoma and any retinal abnormalities.

The images are truly remarkable, and are available to view and discuss with your optometrist immediately after having the scan.


A retinoscope is used to shine a light into your eye to discover the prescription. This is a helpful technique for kids who cannot describe their visual problem.

Pupil Test

Your pupils react to light conditions by getting bigger or smaller. We check that your pupil reaction to light is healthy and normal. Abnormal pupil reactions may be a sign of neurological diseases.

Binocular Vision

This test examines the functionality of the muscles of both eyes and whether they are working together. If they don’t work together you may suffer from double vision or eye strain. Ever wonder why you don’t enjoy a 3D film the same way as everybody else? Ever stood in front of a picture and wondered why all your friends can see the hidden image and you can’t? You may have reduced or no binocular vision. If you’re concerned, mention this to our optician in your test.

Intraocular Pressure

Often referred to as the Glaucoma check, here we measure pressure inside your eyes, based on the eye’s resistance to a puff of air. It provides invaluable information about the health of your eyes and can highlight more serious vision problems.

Volk Lens/ Opthalmoscopy

A bright light & lens are used to examine internal structures of your eye to make sure they are healthy, this includes your optic nerve, the retina and its blood vessels.

Slit Lamp

This powerful microscope is used to examine the front surface of the eyes. This checks for any problems or scratches on the front of your eye. This is an important check for contact lens wearers.

Visual Field Test

This test provides information about the nerve fibre pathway between the eye and the brain.

Certain disorders, such as glaucma or problems associated with headaches, can lead to nerve fibre damage so this examination is important.

Colour Vision

Your inability to tell the difference between colours my mean you have poor colour vision. Males have a higher probability of having a colour vision defect from birth.

Developing a colour vision defect later on in life can sometimes mean that there is a medical problem. If you are concerned, mention this to our optician in your test.

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