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Spectacle Lenses

We offer a wide range of Single Vision, Bifocal & Varifocal Lenses – tailored to your exact prescription and visual needs. Our innovative lenses are designed by brands such as Kodak & Essilor, ensuring that your vision is enhanced by quality lenses.
Some of the features we offer are listed below:

Anti-reflection Lenses

This stops light from reflecting off the lenses, so more light enters your eyes, which improves the quality of your vision. The reflection free finish also reduces bright, irritating glare. Combined, this additional level of visual comfort helps to reduce the symptoms of eye strain, such as headaches and sore eyes.

UV Lenses

Long exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage the eye & cause early cataracts. This lens not only protects your eyes from harmful UV light, but also actively repel dirts, grime and water.

Transitions Lenses

These lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions for optimal visual comfort and style. Additionally, they help protect against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light indoors and outdoors. Transition Generation 8 are updated transitions, which mean they react faster to light and get even darker outdoors. Transitions Xtractive lenses work in the car, so now you can enjoy protection from light at all times.

Drive Wear Lenses

Almost half of us feel visually compromised when driving at night. Drive Wear lenses significantly reduce the glare from oncoming traffic, headlights & street lights by up to 90%. They are twice as effective as anti-refection lenses and can be worn day & night.

Tinted lenses

We offer a range of specialist tints: mirrored, graduated and fashion colours such as yellow, pink and blue. Colour tints can be combined with ultra-violet protection.


Have you tried varifocals in the past and not tolerated them? It is likely the correct design of varifocal was not selected for you. We offer a wide design of varifocals, so now you can see near, far and intermediate distances with ease, whilst avoiding the swim effect. The Varilux X lens dramatically reduces the need for head movement, leaving you with outstanding sharp, continuous and fluid vision across all vision zones.

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